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Boilers: A Practical Reference 

Boilers: A Practical Reference
Boilers: A Practical Reference 

Product Details

Series: Industrial Combustion
Hardcover: 649 pages
Publisher: CRC Press (November 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1466500530
ISBN-13: 978-1466500532
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 1.6 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 4 pounds


  • Offers a unique guide to all aspects of boiler design and technology, with an encyclopedic format and extensive illustrations
  • Contains key foundational concepts as well as design and engineering aspects
  • Covers power, process, waste fuel/heat, and liquor fired boilers
  • Includes entries on all major auxiliary equipment
  • Addresses the latest clean and green technologies


Following the publication of the author’s first book, Boilers for Power and Process by CRC Press in 2009, several requests were made for a reference with even quicker access to information. Boilers: A Practical Reference is the result of those requests, providing a user-friendly encyclopedic format with more than 500 entries and nearly the same number of supporting illustrations.

Written for practicing engineers and dealing with practical issues rather than theory, this reference focuses exclusively on water tube boilers found in process industries and power plants. It provides broad explanations for the following topics:
  • A range of boilers and main auxiliaries, as well as steam and gas turbines
  • Traditional firing techniques—grates, oil/gas, and modern systems
  • Industrial, utility, waste heat, MSW and bio-fuel-fired boilers, including supercritical boilers
  • The scientific fundamentals of combustion, heat transfer, fluid flow, and more
  • The basics of fuels, water, ash, high-temperature steels, structurals, refractory, insulation, and more
  • Additional engineering topics like boiler instruments, controls, welding, corrosion, and wear
  • Air pollution, its abatement techniques and their effect on the design of boilers and auxiliaries
  • Emerging technologies such as carbon capture, oxy-fuel combustion, and PFBC
This reference covers almost every topic needed by boiler engineers in process and power plants. An encyclopedia by design and a professional reference book by focus and size, this volume is strong on fundamentals and design aspects as well as practical content. The scope and easy-to-navigate presentation of the material plus the numerous illustrations make this a unique reference for busy design, project, operation, and consulting engineers.


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