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 7+ in IELTS Listening: All techniques for Academic & General 

 7+ in IELTS Listening: All techniques for Academic & General
 7+ in IELTS Listening: All techniques for Academic & General 

In this course you will learn the important IELTS Listening techniques for all the eight different question types across the four parts of the listening module. So, you will be able to manage your time, follow the recording and find all the answers, even if you cannot understand all of the words!

Whether this is your very first IELTS test and don't know where to start your preparation and need a comprehensive training, or if you've had number of attempts before and possibly have taken different training courses and read plenty of IELTS books, and still lacking in one or more skills, this course is the right choice for you. I am sure you'll get the boost you need and will be fully prepared to shine and get the score you have always needed.

And let me explain why this training program is unlike any others. Our aim is to improve your IELTS listening band score by 2 marks. Statistics shows that most of the candidates, in average, only need 1 score improvement in order to get the band score they require for university or immigration applications. And almost all of them will get where they want, with 2 score improvement. This improvement is not achieved through enhancements of your English knowledge. We work on the skills you require in order to use your English in the IELTS test environment to fulfil the test requirements.

IELTS is a structured test with a very strict time limit. IELTS, tests your practical English in many different forms. Each and every section in the test, each and every task and question type has its own purpose and the test designer aims to test a certain aspect of your English competency through them.

In this course we look at IELTS test from the test designer's perspective. After understanding the purpose behind each question type, section or task, through analysing the test structure, we will develop skills and techniques to help you find the answer, or fulfil the requirement. You will use these skills and techniques by doing the exercises included in the supplemental section of each lecture, and through these systematic practices, each skill becomes your second nature. You will use them in your real IELTS test without even thinking of them.

The good news is this improvement only takes between two to four weeks, depending on your dedication and progress speed. While this course contains two hours of video lectures, in order to get the most out of this training, you should practice what you learn through the exercises included in the supplemental section of each lecture. This will help transforming the KNOWLEDGE (that you will learn) into SKILL. So, in your real IELTS exam you will not think to remember the techniques and will be naturally applying them. The exercises need more time and you should allow yourself enough time to digest what you learn and let it be settled in your memory or brain.

once again I would like to welcome you to this training program and congratulate you: because of your right choice. This course will help you improve your skills for a successful test and a brilliant result. Our previous results show that, after taking this training candidates will improve in average 1 band score with a noticeable number improved up to 2 band scores. If it did work for them, there is no reason it won't work for you.

Don't forget there is no magic involved here. This is the nature of education: Always more than half of success in any training programs depends on the student, not the course or the lecturer. Success needs your hard work, dedication and good and realistic planning. While IELTS TEAM is here to help you in your journey, It is still you, who is the main element of success. You are the HERO


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